Design Tips For Narrow Kitchens To Get Better Results

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The kitchen has always been the most important part of the home, but for some people it may not always be the most spacious. Most modern homes built in small spaces do have a small kitchen space. Are you planning to design a narrow kitchen? Here are some tips to help you through the process. […]

Keep Cool Indoors This Summer

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Summer is officially here. There are many things to look forward to including vacations, shopping, travel, hanging out, cheerful colours and smoothies. And while you’ve got changes in the way you dress, why not change up your home decor too? There’s no better time than now to freshen up your home. Here are some summer […]

Home Theatre Interior Design Checklist


Are you planning to turn your room into a private movie theatre? If so, you’ll want to make sure your interior design is up to snuff. After all, the right ambience can really enhance the movie-going experience. But what exactly should you look for when designing a home theatre? Creating the ultimate home theatre experience […]

How To Make Your Bathroom Safe For Seniors

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The bathroom is one of the riskiest and most critical areas of a home, especially when it comes to the elderly. With many sharp corners, small spaces and wet surfaces, a loss of balance or a fall can have serious consequences for a person. It’s important to keep seniors safe and here are our top […]

How Neutral Colours Add Sophistication To Home Interiors

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Looking to add a touch of sophistication and modernity to your interior? Neutral colours are the perfect way to do so, without overpowering a space or detracting from a person’s unique style. From cream, beige and taupe tones to muted greys and blues, neutral color palettes have the power to transform any room in your […]

7 Tips To Increase Natural Light In Your Home

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The feel of the sun on your face in the morning is unparalleled; it automatically makes your day brighter. So, it’s no surprise that increasing natural light is crucial for your home. A home bathed in natural light is welcoming and makes us feel happier and brighter in our homes. Here are some incredibly simple […]

How Technology Is Shaping The Future Of Interior Design


Advances in technology have revolutionized the way interior designers work, allowing them to create more realistic 3D models and visualizations of their projects. In addition, smart home technology has allowed designers to incorporate automation and energy efficiency features into their projects. These technological advances have not only increased the efficiency of the design process but […]

Get The Highest Level Of Interior Design Styles

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AIBK has been giving a whole new direction to the genre of interior design styles for a long time. It is the best name you can come across in the entire home decor styles market. Our totally different and truly outstanding interior styles tend to dramatically transform any room for which they are chosen. Consider […]

Nature’s Best Landscape Design Theme To Choose In 2023

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Welcome Guests With Flowers If you want to make someone, feel special, flowers are ideal. Your landscape will look gorgeous and fresh if you choose unusual and really attractive flowers. Flowers make a home feel more attractive. Decorate your front door with a variety of annual and perennial flowers to keep your home lively all […]

New Hotel Interior Ideas To Make Your Hotel Rooms Luxurious

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Hotels are luxurious places with extraordinary comfort. When it comes to providing a good experience for guests, planners, visitors, employees and everyone else who passes through your commercial space, hotel interior design is very important. Hotel design symbolises your target audience, communicates your brand promise, highlights all the facilities you offer and much more. So, […]